Deny it as we might, phones do tend to make our lives much more manageable. It’s been a long while since most of us had to rely on a paper map, go into a gas station to ask for directions to a place, or argue about what exit you think you’re supposed to take (our phones usually make that choice for us!). Beyond your classic mapping app, dozens of other apps make traveling a breeze. We’ll talk about five of the apps you should never travel without.

Five Apps To Download Before Your Road Trip

The most necessary apps to use before traveling are the ones you probably already have, like phone calls, texting, maps, and even your music app. However, a little extra never hurt! Before you decide which apps to use, make sure to ensure they’re compatible with your phone.

  1. Roadtrippers. This app will help plan your trip, simply taking information about where your points “A” and "B" are. As you plan your road trip, Roadtrippers will be a life saver.
  2. AroundMe. The AroundMe app is helpful when traveling to new places or if you’ve got a little extra time in your schedule. It helps to identify places of interest, restaurants, and even bathrooms nearby. Also, in an emergency, it can help you find the nearest hospital.
  3. GasBuddy. We all need GasBuddy, all the time, as of late. However, it’ll prove extra helpful on your next road trip! GasBuddy helps you by looking up the nearby gas prices around you and telling you where you can get the cheapest fill-up.
  4. Yelp. If you don’t already have the Yelp app, this is a must-have before you travel. It provides people-powered reviews of local eateries and shops, so you can be informed when making travel decisions.
  5. Insurance App. This app has no title, and I don’t have a specific one to give you because it depends on what you personally have as your insurance provider. In 2022, most insurance agencies will have roadside assistance apps. You can pull up your ID card, talk directly to an agent, and get roadside assistance if necessary. These will be crucial during your road trip in case of emergency.

And, of course, don’t forget to plan for as many hours as you need of music, audiobooks, podcasts, or other forms of auditory entertainment. Another helpful tip is to have your entertainment pre-downloaded before you leave. This way, if you get to a spot that doesn’t get great reception, your audio book or music doesn’t have to stop. And, if you do happen to have a CD or tape player in your car, grab a CD or two just in case.

Other Things On Your To-Do List Before You Travel

Apps are fantastic, and technology is making strides to make our lives easier. However, an app can’t do your oil change or check to make sure your fluids are all in order. Before heading out on your trip, don’t forget about the most critical machine you’ll be traveling with–your car!

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Written by Developer Autoshop