Your tires are important for many reasons. They help keep proper traction on the road, help absorb shock, and assist your vehicle to move in the direction of your steering wheel. Over all, as important as they are, they do have several aspects you need to inspect and keep up to standards. These include your tire tread, your brakes, and your tire pressure.

Your tire’s pressure is important for many reasons. It helps prevent uneven or rapid wear to your tires, helps with the comfort as your ride will be less bumpy, and even improves your fuel efficiency! As you can see, your tire pressure is important which is why we recommend you keep your tires at the correct tire pressure. In this blog, we will be giving some tips to identify bad tire pressure so you can fix it!

Under Inflated:

A way you can test this is by driving over sand or dirt and paying attention to your tire tread. Divide your tire into thirds. If you notice the tread is only showing on the outer parts of the tread, and not the middle, then your tire is under inflated. In this case, make sure to put more pressure until you reach the correct amount.

Over Inflated:

Using the same test as above, if you notice the tread is only showing in the middle, but not the outer parts, then your tire is over inflated. In this case, remove air until the pressure is correct.

Uneven Vehicle:

When you are driving, you may notice one side of your car looks higher or lower than the other. This is not good and can mean one of your tires has the wrong pressure. Make sure to have your pressure inspected if this is the case.

Use a Meter:

One of the best ways to check your pressure is to use a meter. More modern meters have digital screens that make reading the measurement easier. If you can get a meter on your hands, make sure to measure your tire’s air pressure to make sure it is correct.

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