Are you or someone in your family new behind the wheel? Well, congratulations! Driving is a privilege that will give you more freedom when it comes to getting around. With the ability to drive comes great responsibility. However, you need to take several precautions before and during your commute or road trip.

In this month’s blog, we would like to share some tips for any new driver which should be followed for maximum safety when on the road. Your friends at Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair care for you and your loved ones, and we want to see you safe and secure behind the wheel. Please continue reading to see our list of tips for the new drivers in your home.

Obey All Traffic Laws:

One of the easiest ways to ensure you and those around you are safe is to follow all traffic laws. Laws such as the speed limit, stop lights, and knowing when to go at a stop sign are essential to understand and practice.

Take Your Time:

When you hit the road the first time, it might be a lot of pressure to see cars going faster than you. But you don’t meet or exceed their speed! Following the speed limit is always the golden rule, but if you see yourself driving slower than the posted speed limit, choose the furthest right lane and turn your emergency lights on. This will warn other drivers, and they will respect your space.

Avoid Distractions:

A leading reason for accidents, distractions can easily pull your attention away from the road. Every second you are unfocused can lead to an accident. Fortunately, most distractions can be avoided. You can avoid checking your phone or waiting to eat until you are at your destination.

Fix Your Accessories To Your Liking:

Such accessories such as your seat, rearview mirrors, or steering wheel can be adjusted to your height and reach. Make sure to adjust all of these accessories to ensure you have maximum control and comfort within your vehicle.

Give Space:

As you drive, remember to give other cars distance between your car and theirs. This gives you room to brake in an emergency or see upcoming dangers on the road. It also avoids petty drivers who despise tail gaiters.

As a new driver, we are excited to give you these tips so that you can be safe and ready for all your journeys. One last tip is always to have your car ready to go with regular maintenance. We welcome you to bring your vehicle to Elk Grove Transmission & Auto, where our trained technicians will check your car and get any issues taken care of. You can visit us at 9797 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624, or call us at (916) 714-9795 to schedule an appointment today!

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