Our August blog is here! As Summer comes to an end and school starts to be back in session, it is vital to take preventative maintenance on our vehicles.

Taking your vehicle in for maintenance is the equivalent of us humans going in for a check-up at the doctor. In the same way, it is crucial to visit our doctor to make sure everything is good with your body and visiting when there needs to be a "repair." You should be doing the same with your auto. In comparison, when you take your car in for a "health" inspection, we recommend having work done on your vehicle's vital areas:

  • Organs (Transmission): The transmission of your vehicle is the most vital organ as it shifts gears in automatic cars
  • Blood (Oil Change): Getting your car's blood inspected is recommended due to consequences that can occur, such as an infection (dirt or oil sludge). Overall, the vehicle's blood functions as the cleanliness control center; therefore, it should be a top priority for its good health.
  • Eyes (Headlights): The eyes of your vehicle should also be checked at the doctor's physical exam. The fundamental responsibility of the "eyes" is to illuminate the road and give drivers and their surroundings a safer route to home.
  • Legs (Tires): Your tires work to keep your car running on the road, just like you use your legs. Checking the pressure and rotating your tires when it comes time is key to a smooth riding experience.
  • Nose (Exhaust): Just like your body releases CO2, your vehicle needs to release gases that build up inside your engine. The exhaust serves that function by providing a clear path for gases to leave the car to avoid dangerous build-up.
To be prepared and make sure your automobile is running smoothly, we recommend taking your car for a check-up. We would love it if you chose Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair to be your doctor and give your vehicle the complete check-up and diagnosis! Click here to schedule your appointment with us or visit our location at 9797 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624.

Written by Developer Autoshop