Ah, Spring! Isn’t it nice to get out of the house and go on a road trip? For many people, they are packing their SUVs, hitching up their camper trailers, and hopping in their classic cars to go on a little adventure. Camping and cruising are ideal for social distancing, and April is a great month to celebrate Spring!

To prepare you for your springtime road trip, here is a little advice from your friends at Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair:

Get a safety inspection before your trip.

When you bring your vehicle into Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair, we will perform a multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is road-ready. We will perform a visual inspection that will answer safety check questions such as:

  • Are your tires properly inflated and in good shape?
  • Are your fluids topped off?
  • Is your transmission ready to safely tow a trailer?
  • Is there anything that needs to be serviced or repaired before your road trip?
If we find any issues with your vehicle, we will inform you to make intelligent decisions and your car will last longer.

Prepare your emergency kit.

Having these items on-hand will make your road trip go a bit smoother in case anything unexpected happens.

  • Do you have an emergency kit with extra face masks, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper?
  • What about packing extra water, snacks, and a warm sweater?
  • Is your spare tire inflated, and do you have all the tools needed to change a tire?
  • If you are heading into the mountains, do you have snow tire chains?

Plan out your route.

Do you know exactly where you’re going? If not, you might be wise to plan everything out. During the pandemic, different California counties range from the more restricted purple tier to the more open orange tier. Covid restrictions mean that not all bathrooms, restaurants, and entertainment centers will be open without a reservation. Be sure to plan out your route and make appointments where necessary. Otherwise, you may have to hide behind a bush and use the toilet paper you stashed in your emergency kit.

Go cruising.

We have noticed a lot of classic cars hitting the road this Spring. We love seeing car clubs and auto enthusiasts get together and caravan to somewhere fun. Cruising down the highway is a popular weekend pastime and it’s a great way to explore our beautiful state while you socially-distance with your buddies!

Go camping.

If you love to camp, we feel you! We love to go camping, too. However, when towing a trailer or camper, you must make sure your transmission can handle the job. Excessive weight and heat from the friction can damage a transmission over time, and that’s an expensive repair. When in doubt, ask the auto repair team at Elk Grove Transmission, and we’ll be happy to share advice about helping your transmission last longer while towing trailers.

Before you hit the road, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for a safety inspection with the Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair team. Our shop is located at 9797 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624, and our business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Written by Developer Autoshop