With winter weather on the horizon and rainy conditions likely to pop up, now is a great time to consider your spare tire. It is essential to know what type of spare tire you have or even have one! Once you know what kind of spare you have, you will want to consider how you can maintain & protect it, so it will be ready to serve you when you need it most!

Your spare tire is the fifth wheel of your vehicle, that sturdy companion that is there to help you in the worst of times! We want to make sure that it's taken care of and check up on it from time to time. However, what are we supposed to check for? We thought it would be helpful to put together a list of things to consider when maintaining and protecting your spare tire!

Check the Pressure - Proper tire pressure is essential, and the same goes for your spare tire! When it comes time to use it, you want to be sure that it is ready to perform and get you home safely. Depending on the size and type, check what the pressure should be. It is around 32-38 PSI in most scenarios, but a compact (or donut) spare tire should be around 60 PSI.

Have an Air Compressor/Tire Inflator - On that note, we recommend keeping a small inflation device in the wheel well or trunk of your vehicle! If you haven't had the opportunity to check the spare tire's pressure before an emergency happens, this will keep you protected and ready to roll! Several styles are available, ranging from 12v-20v, and all are compact enough to fit in your trunk or wheel well conveniently.

Rotate your spare - That's right; if your spare tire is full-size, you will want to rotate it with your other four tires. Typically, the spare is rotated with the rear right-side tire. This keeps the health of all of your tires consistent and keeps you on the road stronger and longer! While this might not apply to everyone, you can consult the owner's manual of your vehicle to find out if it applies to you.

Beyond this list, you will want to be aware of any recalls on the spare tire you own! It is important to know that your spare will perform the way you need it and not lead to potentially dangerous situations. Non-full-size spares shouldn't be a permanent tire on your vehicle. You should use them for a short period until you can get your car to a qualified auto repair center, like Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair!

Next time you want to talk about spare tire options and what will work best for you, make sure to Contact us at Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair! Our ASE-Certified Auto Technicians combine their decades of experience to bring you the best safety knowledge in the industry. We are prepared to meet your needs and outfit your vehicle with the best quality products! Stop by and ask about how you can maintain & protect your spare tire, and schedule an appointment the next time you need service!

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