Whether you live in an area with frequent rain or rarely run into rain, it is always a smart idea to be prepared for rain on the road. Under heavy rain, your road vision can become impaired without the proper tools. The road also becomes hazardous as rain can cause loose gravel to pick on the road and also causes oil to make the road slick. In this month’s blog, we want to help you prepare for the rainy season!

At Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair, we care about your safety and always want you to be prepared to handle any weather conditions on the road. In the following section, we will be addressing some things you can do to be better prepared on the road when you encounter rain or wet roads. As always, if you have any questions or require service for any of the following points, please consider Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair in Elk Grove, CA, for all your needs.

Tire Condition

When it comes to wet conditions on the road, one of the most important things you can do to prepare your vehicle is to have a good set of tires. Your tires have special threading, which helps divert water away from your tire so that you can have traction and ‘grip’ on the road. If your tire’s tread is worn out, this can cause your car to slip and go out of control. We recommend you take your vehicle to a professional shop to inspect and maintain your tires if needed.

Windshield Wipers

One of the first things you do when it starts to rain is to turn on your windshield wipers. This is an intelligent move as your windshield wipers clear your windshield from the rain, allowing you to see the road ahead. With time, your windshield wipers can wear down and lose effectiveness. We recommend being inspected and changed if required to avoid having faulty windshield wipers when you need them the most.


Having properly working brakes when on the road is always a great idea, but when there are harsh weather conditions, it is far more important to have your brakes working as they should. This is due to the vehicle changing the speed, which can cause powerful braking in some cases. In some cases, due to accidents, you may need to come to a complete halt, and you should be able to depend on your brakes to stop you. Have your brakes inspected so you can count on them at all times.


With rain comes clouds, and clouds can usually block the sun. This causes your vision to depend on your headlights to see the road ahead. Don’t hesitate to have your headlights cleaned or changed if they are not working correctly. This will help in any situation where you need light to navigate the road.

Your friends and trained Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair technicians hope this information helped prepare for the rainy seasons. If you have questions about any aspect of your vehicle or are interested in servicing the topics discussed in this blog, then please visit us at 9797 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624, or give us a call at (916) 714-9795 to schedule an appointment!

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