Whether you have an automatic or a manual vehicle, keeping your transmission working smoothly plays a big part in your vehicle’s performance and endurance. Issues with your transmission can arise in your vehicle’s lifetime. They can range from an effortless repair to total reconstruction. The amount of damage done depends on the number of miles you drive and how early you can detect issues to prevent further damage from being done. With that said, here are some early ‘symptoms’ that can help you identify if your vehicle needs a transmission repair.

Burning smell. A sign something could be wrong is a burning smell coming from your engine. These can be signs of overheating or liquids such as transmission fluid or antifreeze leaking and burning.

Trouble when shifting gears. If you struggle to change the gears or notice your vehicle falls out of gear, this can be a sign that something is wrong with your transmission.

Grinding and shimming when switching gears. A sign for early detection can be grinding or a jumping feeling when switching gears in a manual vehicle. In an automatic car, shimming or shaking is more common between gears when something is wrong with the transmission.

Noises. Unusual noises such as clunking, humming, or whining can be clear signs something is not right with your vehicle. It is essential to have these noises checked to target the cause and fix it before it worsens.

Check engine light. An obvious sign to get your engine looked at is the check engine light. Suppose the light turns on at any point of your vehicle’s lifetime. In that case, it is vital not to ignore this light and have a mechanic check for the meaning behind it. This will ensure an issue is solved right away before more damage or an accident can occur.

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