Most drivers know to get an oil change approximately every 3000 to 6000 miles, depending on your vehicle and driving habits. However, not many car owners actively think about their transmission fluid. As a result, many people ask if transmission flushes or fluid exchanges are necessary. At Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair, we are transmission experts, and the short answer is yes, transmission fluid exchanges are great for preventive maintenance.

Whenever you schedule an appointment for minor or major service on your vehicle, your auto repair team will do a comprehensive visual inspection of your vehicle and examine each system within your car. There are seven fluids in your vehicle: oil, brake, transmission, steering, windshield wiper, air conditioning refrigerant, and radiator. Over time, all seven fluids will either lose viscosity, get dirty, accumulate gunk, or become acidic. If you want your vehicle to perform well, you need to make sure all your fluids are clean, topped off to the appropriate levels, and circulating freely throughout their designated system.

There are some transmissions, however, that need more frequent transmission fluid exchanges and service because they tow heavy loads. When a vehicle tows a camper trailer, horse trailer, U-Haul, or similar cargo hauler, the transmission works harder to pull the load. When the transmission is working harder, it causes friction and creates heat. Similarly, when a vehicle is driving up and down hills on a hot day, the transmission is working harder than normal and creates more heat. This heat affects the transmission fluid, and over time, that fluid can acquire a burnt smell. To protect your transmission, you’ll want to consult with Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair for an inspection and service recommendation.

Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair is a full-service auto shop serving the Elk Grove and Sacramento region. Transmissions are complicated systems and there are few auto repair teams who match our level of expertise. Because we specialize in transmissions, we can inform you what your vehicle needs so you can be safer, make intelligent decisions, and your car can last longer. Here is what one of our happy clients had to say about our auto repair team:

“I've used this shop for years, they have always provided quality automotive repair at a fair price. Courteous, fast and efficient are other terms I would use about their staff. They backup their work with superior service, honest and ethical. Once you find a shop like this, you can stop looking elsewhere. I've been bringing my vehicles to them for at least 10 years. Always done right and at a fraction of dealership pricing.” -- Rick M.

If you suspect your vehicle requires a transmission flush or fluid exchange, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for a safety inspection with the Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair team. Our shop is located at 9797 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624, and our business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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