Automatic Transmission Repair

Over the past 25 years we have witnessed dramatic improvements in automatic transmission technology: improved fuel efficiency and reliability have been the result.


However, improved gas mileage and powertrain performance is achieved through greater complexity. Therefore, our technicians are educated in electronic diagnostics and automotive computer systems as well as fundamental hydraulics and mechanics.


Many transmission related problems can be corrected with minor adjustments or repairs. However, a serious transmission malfunction may require an overhaul. Our Service Manager is available to help you find the best solution


A complete transmission rebuild often includes the following:


    Complete removal and disassembly of transmission

    Replacement of all gasket and rubber seal components

    Replacement of friction clutches

    Inspection of planetary gears, drums and other components

    Diagnostic checks of electrical components

    Quality repair, re-installation and performance testing

Standard Clutch Repair

Running into problems with your manual transmission? Don't worry, we can solve your problem while it is still small. Either call or bring your car in as soon as you feel something isn't right and we will make the adjustments and corrections before they escalate into serious problems.


Elk Grove Transmissions fixes all foreign and domestic automobiles including heavy duty clutches for trucks and SUVs.


Call us soon when you begin to experience manual clutch problems and we will help you to avoid future problems before they occur. And if the repair is already in need of a major repair we will provide clean and organized service to help get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Scheduled Maintenance

Elk Grove Transmission provides scheduled maintenance for your vehicle protection and your driving comfort. Our goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls of transmission service neglect and to show you how regular service can literally add years to your transmission's life.


Transmission Services normally include:

    Fluid flush and replacement

    Installation of new quality filter

    Pan gasket replacement

    Visual inspection of critical hot spots

    Checking for and tracing fluid leaks

    Service road test to check for preventative maintenance issues

Wholsale Accounts

Elk Grove Transmission provides wholesale service for general automotive repair shops as well as commercial repair facilities. If you manage a car dealership and need to provide quality service to your inventory before they leave the floor Elk Grove Transmissions is an excellent source to keep your workflow smooth.


Wholesale Services:

    Exchange Units

    Complete Overhauls

    Removals and Installations

    Diagnostic Trouble Shooting

Fleet Service

We keep your company vehicle fleet working for you.

     Discount Pricing

    Organized Service Programs

    Quick Turnaround

    Preventative Maintenance

    Flexible Terms

    Working Relationships



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